FOOTPRINTS OF LAETOLI–Graphite, ballpoint pen on paper and digital color. Scene depicting all non-Hominin fauna of Laetoli, Tanzania.

SABERTOOTHS– Graphite and digital texture. A compilation of sabertooth predators from left to right: Smilodon, Panthera atrox, Barbourofelis, Homotherium and Xenosmilus.

DAWN OF WHALES–Graphite drawing with digital color. Two early whales, Indohyus (top) and Ambulocetus (bottom) demonstrate their distinct ecological lifestyles. 

CHIHUIL–Ink on paper. Illustration of Bagre panamensis, a catfish.

DAKOSAURUS–Graphite, oil and ballpoint pen on paper. Reconstruction of the extinct marine Crocodylomorph, Dakosaurus

AFROTHERIA–India ink on paper. A visual representation of various mammalian orders that originated in Africa. 

GHOSTS OF GOMPHOTHERES–3d model with textures. Reconstruction of the extinct elephant Cuvieronius

MOTHER AND CHILD REUNION–Graphite and acrylic on poster board. A depiction of tyrannosaur family behavior. Males and females are thought to have cared for the young, much like birds.

INTERSTELLAR ODYSSEY–Watercolor on paper. Representation of Steller's sea ape, a hypothetical creature seen by german explorer Georges Steller. 

GOLIATHUS-Watercolor on poster board. Illustration of the largest insect in the world, the Goliath beetle.