I am an animal. To be more precise, a primate of the species Homo sapiens like you and the rest of  humanity.   Our natural origins have been made known thanks to science, yet the word “animal” is still used by our kind to tyrannize.  Personally, I’m at ease with being  called “animal” ; there are so many admirable traits in our beastly bretheren that it is more of a compliment than anything else .  I consider my work a challenge to humanity’s ignorance and arrogance towards other animals. 


My visual idiom has been  a direct inspiration by the natural world, no doubt before I could even speak the human language.  I appreciate other animals' very direct expression, with little ambiguity once their codes are decyphered.  By adopting a ferocious aestheticism  in my work, I seek to create a sense of fascination for my subjects.  The focus on life's fury is a tribute to the animalistic being within us. Furthermore, I challenge the arbitrary divisions we create to alienate ourselves from other beings.    


My work takes me to the roots of my craft. I began by drawing animals as faithfully as I experienced them. Today my animals are not only portraits but also representations of human conditions: anger, lust, redemption. Likewise, my humans tell stories of  beasts. Contrary to popular notions, Nature isn’t always ‘red in tooth and claw’.  Things such as compassion, altruism, nurturing and intelligence are “human” attributes also found in the animal kingdom. 


I seek an emotional response to my work, whether anger, joy or curiosity; indifference is death.  That being said,  I consider myself primarily a thinker utilizing the visual medium. To support this, i draw my greatest power from  the great natural historian, Alfred Russel Wallace and master painter Peter Paul Rubens.  All my work is grounded in raw intuitive forces, but galvanized in a logical composition.  Even my digital work must be grounded in the real: real pencil, real paper, real emotion.


I am convinced that for us to be  real humans, we must first be real animals.