I am an animal. Every human on this planet has been and is an animal, whether they admit to it or not. Science has told us this for awhile now, but some people still hold out because of ignorance, arrogance or fear.


I have felt a connection with non-human animals since before I could speak the human language. I relate to the directness and honesty of the animal world, and condemn the violence we subject other earthlings as a consequence. My mission is to bring human beings to grips that we are still in nature, and that nature still is in us. Many times this means shredding the prejudices that being called an “animal” signifies.


My current work takes me to my roots. I began by drawing animals, now the animals I draw are people. My animals are allegorical representation of ancient human conditions: anger, lust, redemption.


I like to get an emotional response for my work, whether anger, joy or curiosity. In the end, I seek to bring some form of enlightenment to my fellow humans.


I consider myself first a thinker, then a painter. Something like Alfred Russel Wallace, co-inventor of the theory of natural selection, dancing with Peter Paul Rubens, the baroque knight.


All my work is organic, grounded in raw materials.  Even my digital work must be must be grounded in the real: real pencil, real paper, real emotion.


It is my conviction that if we want to be real humans, we must first be real animals.