I am an animal. Personally, I’m at ease with being  called “animal” ; there are so many admirable traits in our beastly bretheren that it is more of a compliment than anything else. You see, often times humans use that of which they are most ignorant of to deride others.  I don’t play the games most of my species is busy with, and my work is a visual reflection of that. I bring a new conversation to the table, and it is welcoming to those that will listen.

My visual idiom has been a direct inspiration by the natural world, no doubt before I could even speak the human language.  I appreciate the very direct expression we can learn from other creatures, with little ambiguity once their codes are deciphered.  By adopting a ferocious aestheticism  in my work, I seek to rattle a few cages and make you consider new alternatives. The social engineers are toying with the perceptions of the masses; free will is an endangered species; the ever increasing AI mindset is taking over the individual spirit. We are infinite consciousness, and we take an animal form to experience this existence. The separation is temporary, and should we drop the hoodwink, our ride would be just a little bit easier.

I began by drawing animals as faithfully as I experienced them. Today my animals are not only portraits but also representations of human conditions: anger, lust, redemption. Likewise, my humans tell stories of  beasts. Contrary to popular notions, Nature isn’t always ‘red in tooth and claw’.  Things such as compassion, altruism, nurturing and intelligence are “human” attributes also found in the animal kingdom. Conversely, my humans are animals, phantom metaphors that tell stories about the natural world. The separation is illusory, the totality is infinite. If it were not so, these ideas and their converse would not exist.

Whether the emotion is anger, joy or curiosity, I welcome it. I want my work to create a shred of reaction in you, and if it tickles your frontal cortex all the better.  Although I consider myself first a thinker, I seek to complete The Great Work. The existence of the Self encompasses experience in all its forms: the rational,  the expressive, the ethereal, and many others un-named. All my work is grounded in raw intuitive forces, but galvanized in a logical composition.  Even my digital work must be grounded in the real: real pencil, real paper, real emotion.


For man to become human, he must first become an animal.